Salesforce CRM at a reasonable price

A growing multi-million pound furniture manfacturer needed to improve its customer relationship management (CRM) software. After consulting with Cavendish Systems, they decided that Salesforce CRM was a good match for their requirements and also offered great flexibility for future growth. We customised and installed Salesforce for them at a very reasonable cost. We do lots of Salesforce CRM work in the Nottingham/Derby area. Salesforce doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. It can cost a fortune for SME businesses if they choose specialist Salesforce partners. We offer a far more cost effective solution. Contact us today for a chat and a quote...

Long Eaton, Derbyshire.

Doctor's USB drive data recovery

The USB connector on this flash drive had been crushed and could no longer be inserted into a USB socket. The customer, a young doctor, stored all his medical coursework on the drive and really needed it recovering. Using a spare USB extension cable and parts from a "donor" USB stick we managed to create a Heath-Robinson device to power up and extract the data from the damaged drive. All 5,000 files were recovered and transferred to a new flash drive. Photos.

Derby Hospitals NHS Trust.

Maintenance contract for local business

A local company were getting disgruntled with the poor service from their current small business server provider. Cavendish Systems bid for and won the contract to support 2 servers on 2 sites and 50 associated computers.

Bulwell, Notts.

Mansfield business needed remote access solution

A town centre business needed its employees to be able to access office files from home or on the road. We were called in to recommend an easy to use solution. It was signed off and implemented the same day.

Mansfield, Notts.

Speedy laptop screen replacement

The director of a Sherwood-based soft furnishing business had a Toshiba Tecra laptop with a faulty screen. She needed it fixed outside of business hours. We had a suitable screen in stock so were able to fix it over the weekend.

Sherwood, Notts.

Clean up an overheating laptop

A Derby-based DJ used his laptop for mixing and playing music in nightclubs around Europe. It had lived a hard life travelling between venues often in dusty, smoky environments. It was immediately obvious that it was getting very hot before crashing. Once disassembled it was clear that the problem was thick wad of sticky dust completely blocking the laptop's exhaust vent giving the hot air inside nowhere to escape. Once cleaned out and with fresh thermal conductivity paste applied, it ran fine. Before and after photos.

Sinfin, Derby.

Egg-cellent chicken farm fix

A local free-range chicken farm booked their egg deliveries online. When the computer used to do this crashed, they were in trouble. We fixed the computer overnight, it needed a new hard drive, and helped them restore from a backup to get them ready for the next day's deliveries.

Watnall, Notts.

New Computer Aided Design (CAD) computer needed

A local builder wanted a new computer specifying to help him create technical drawings and designs. It had to be powerful enough to run his particular brand of CAD software while still being cost effective to buy and run.

Kimberley, Notts.

Build new PC for home-office use

An executive for an information technology services company needed a new PC for his home office. It needed to run dual monitors and be able to connect to his corporate network. He also needed the ability to synchronize his data files between the new PC, his laptop and iPhone which he used when travelling.

Kimberley, Notts.

Tablet PC faulty power button

Repair faulty power button on Fujitsu Siemens Stylistic ST-5020D tablet PC used for sketching cartoons by a freelance animator.

Wollaton, Nottingham.

Keyboard has mind of its own

A Bulwell-based clothing business owned a laptop whose keyboard would occasionally insert random characters into whatever was being typed. Cleaning the keyboard didn't work so I ordered a brand new one for £20 and fitted in on-site the next day. The old keyboard was consigned to the scrap bin.

Bulwell, Notts.

Microsoft Office 365 consulting

We are currently doing lots of Office 365 work. It's proving a very popular cloud-based platform for our small/medium business customers looking to replace old Exchange servers or ageing Windows file sharing servers. Registered charities also benefit from heavily reduced rates. 


Home office laptop not connecting to corporate VPN

A Toshiba Satellite laptop running Windows Vista could no longer connect to the owner's business VPN. We dialled in remotely over the Internet to diagnose and fix the problem. The IP address of the remote laptop was not being assigned properly by the company DHCP server. As a result, Outlook emails were not being synced to the Exchange Server and the client's data files were not being synced with the company file server.

Solihull, Birmingham.

CNC glass cutting machine's computer update

A local glass business operated a laser-based CNC glass cutting machine. It was controlled by an archaic computer which was literally falling to pieces. The cutting software would only run on Windows 2000 so replacing the computer had been a long standing problem that no one had yet managed to solve. We used our specialist disk imaging software to take a snapshot copy of the computer's disk. This was transferred to a new computer and after a little configuration the cutting software loaded up and the company was back in business.


McAfee cripples Sage Accounts computer

The computer running Sage Accounts at a Leicestershire steel fabrication company had suddenly become unresponsive. It booted into Windows and then hung. That morning, I'd been reading about a bug in an update to McAfee's business anti-virus software that was causing similar problems worldwide. Sure enough this computer had automatically downloaded the buggy update. I downloaded the bug fix from a very embarrassed McAfee, installed it on the Sage computer and all was well.

Ashby de la Zouch, Leics.

Web site design for multi-national metals trading company

One of our old customers wanted a stylish new website designing for his company. It had to showcase the company's various specialist services & appeal to metal traders all around the world. It needed to do multi-lingual video voiceovers and text. It also had an easy way for the company staff to update the website without the assistance of IT boffins.

Mill Hill, London.

Apple Macbook Pro overheating

A local family doctor was having increasing trouble with his Macbook Pro. It was getting hot then locking up after a few minutes. Back at the workshop, We monitored the CPU temperature which was reaching over 90 deg C. The thermal conductivity paste between the CPU and the heatsink had dried out. The copper heatsink is designed to transfer the substantial heat generated by the CPU to the outlet vent. We stripped down the Macbook, cleaned off the old paste, reapplied fresh paste and cleared out lint and fluff from the outlet port. The temperature stabilised to 70 deg C and the Macbook ran ok.

Gamston, Notts.

Lenovo Thinkpad liquid-damaged motherboard

This Thinkpad simply would not boot, it was dead. The owner asked us to diagnose what the problem was. Opening it up the problem soon became clear. There were tell-tale signs of liquid spillage inside the case. A white powdery deposit with tinges of green and brown showed where the liquid had caused corrosion. Photos.

Chesterfield, Derbys.

Custom build new video-editing computer

One of our regular customers wanted some advice on a new custom-designed computer. It was to be used primarily for video editing. We designed, built and supplied a suitable computer paying particular attention to the speed of the processor (Core i7), memory (8GB DDR3), graphics (1GB dedicated graphics memory) and hard disk space (2 TB).

Kimberley, Notts

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